Pandemic projects and learning

Anybody doing anything different as a result of the extra time at home? My deck is finally finished. It was structurally finished before this but now it’s restained, swapped out the spindles, bought new furniture for it, sealed it properly against the house for water… and now we have a landscaper coming out to assist with putting some edging and rock under it. Thinking about doing a concrete patio out back as well…

As for learning, I’m going through the Nutanix online courses and already have the free voucher for the cert test at the end of it, so I’ll be doing that at some point. Mostly because I’m bored. Not because I want the cert, really.

I think I’ve actually gone backwards. I don’t listen to any of my podcasts anymore because I don’t have a commute. The only thing we’ve done extra is more gardening and planting than usual. I’ve been meaning to get more exercise but that has remained an aspirational goal so far :slight_smile:

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Yea, my morning and afternoon radio has taken a hit, that’s for sure. There is a morning show in our area that is basically my morning coffee and for the first few days I would stream it on iHeartRadio but once my wife started working from home too, I stopped playing it so she could be on the phone every 2 seconds.

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