Office 365 for Enterprise Patching - Update Channel

Good afternoon from Australia!

We’re currently rolling out Automox and are setting up our policies.

With regards to patching Office 365 for Enterprise on Windows, does this patch based on the update channel the machine is running on? Or does it only adhere to a specific channel (e.g. everyone gets moved over and patched to the Current Channel).

Most of our machines are on the Semi Annual Channel at the moment, with mine and a couple of other testing machines using the Beta channel. Ideally, we’d like to keep this structure set up as it is, or at least move the machines on the Semi Annual Channel to whatever channel is needed but keep the machines that are on the Beta channel.


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Hi Douglas!

The Automox agent will not specify the update channel itself, it will invoke Windows Update to check for relevant patches. If you have the update channels configured at the device level, Automox should not interfere with it at all and you should be able to keep your structure the way it is.

I hope this answers your question, please let me know if there is anything I can clarify or if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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Excellent, that answers the question. Thanks for your help! :blush:

On that same vein, is it possible to use automox to switch over all channels to a specific one? I don’t think we have ever looked into standardizing / caring about what channel O365 is running… but probably a good idea to figure this out

Possibly via a worklet?

It’s not a built-in command through Automox though.

Might also be able to invoke Office click 2 run and change it that way, something along these lines:

Exit (Start-Process “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun\OfficeC2RClient.exe” -ArgumentList “/changesetting Channel=Monthly” -Wait -PassThru).ExitCode

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There is an ADMX template to set up a group policy for this. So while the above methods are valid–an encompassing GPO is likely a bit easier to manage overall if your devices are domain-joined. If you have at least the ADMX templates from last summer, the template is under Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Microsoft Office 2016 -> Updates -> Update Channel


The other option is you can specify it when installing it if you’re using the Deployment tool and the App Admin Centre.

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