Multiple group membership

Is there a way I can target multiple policies to a single computer?

For example, I have 10 computers.

  1. Computers 1 - 5, I would like them to be a target of a worklet that deploys Powerpoint templates.
  2. Computers 1-10, I would like to apply a specific patching policy for OS updates.
  3. Computers 6-10, I would like to apply a specific patching policy for Firefox.

I notice a computer can only be a member of one group. I was initially thinking of putting the computer into multiple groups so achieve #1-#3 above.


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If its separated like this specific case you could have two groups say group A has computers 1-5 and group B has 6-10. You would then create three policies P1, P2, P3. You could then assign Group A policies P1 and P2 and assign Group B P2 and P3. This would allow all 10 computers to have the policies relating to example 2 and have 1-5 run example 1 only for them and have 6-10 run the policy in example 3 only.

Thank you Brandon

Ok. Now the more complicated question comes. What if

  1. Computers 1-5
  2. Computers 1-10
  3. Computers 3-7

? :slight_smile: It’s a scenario that I am facing and I would like to understand how best to deal with this situation.

In this scenario I would probably suggest having one group and have the policy from example 2 assigned to it. I would then create the policies in example 1 and 3 but not set a schedule for them and instead use an API script to call the policies for the computers you would want them to run on. This example however does not scale well unfortunately. As you add more computers you would have to update the API script to add each new endpoint.

I do believe we do have a feature request in to allow Computers to be in multiple groups for such situations as this.

Alright, thank you for the guidance.

Where do I go to to get up-to-speed on feature requests?

Here you go:

Also there’s the base solution of one group per device and then you can make each device get only the policies you want. Not very efficient though :slight_smile:

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Ouch. :frowning: Not something I’d want to do unless I’m forced to. Thanks for the suggestion though.