Modify App MacOS Permissions

Does anyone know how to modify permissions to install a third party app on Catalina? I have been trying to remotely install an application like ITarian Remote Control or Chrome Remote Desktop however Catalina either doesn’t permit the installation at all, or will not allow the application to start once installed due to security and privacy controls.

I’ve read for something like Chrome Remote Desktop that the following is required, which would need to be scripted somehow:
In System Preferences/Security & Privacy, make sure check both “sh” options under “Screen Record” and also “Accessibility”

Any thoughts?

Privacy controls in Catalina aren’t modifiable by script. Apple requires a user-approved MDM profile to enable an MDM to modify privacy settings, and the “app” (a shell script, in the case of Chrome Remote Desktop) has to be signed. That’s just for allowing “Accessibility”, Apple doesn’t allow this behavior for “Screen Recording”, the end user must allow that behavior. If you don’t have an MDM in place, I’m a big fan of SimpleMDM as a compliment to Automox.

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Thanks Tim.