Microsoft Store "Get Updates" Automation

Many of the recent patch Tuesdays have contained critical vulnerabilities with remediation steps that involve updating apps from the Microsoft Store. I found some group policy settings to Automatically Download these. I checked in with several laptops last night and it appears to indeed show “Update apps automatically” checked, but then still lists a dozen or more updates that are available and haven’t pulled down.

If I click “Get Updates” it even scans and finds more updates available as well. I was wondering if anyone has run into this issue and / or has a fix. I did run an admin command prompt with “wsreset” that apparently clears the Store cache.

The below post is almost exactly the same problem as mine with screens included:

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I’ve found that the machines in issue are Windows PRO stations…apparently, they don’t work well with the MS Store like Enterprise does. I found the powershell script at the end of the above article pulls down all of the available updates successfully, but can’t find a command or function to initiate the downloads / updates.