Method: Delete/Manage Tags

Does anyone know of a method to Delete or Manage (Edit, Modify) tags (aside from creating new)? I can’t find one in the console.


Hey, Nick - welcome! If you’ll click on a device’s name, it will bring up all the edit fields, including tags. Then you can change/delete/etc. Let me know if it gives you any trouble.

@ChadMc I might not have been clear. I know I can remove/add tags from a device. However, my list of available tags persists (and get’s longer) in Automox itself. Over time I 100% envision their being stale/unused tags there. How can I remove tags (e.g. take them out of the list completely so they are not available for any devices?

Basically… I want to manage my tag list. Delete tags (from Automox completely) that are no longer relevant.

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Ah, gotcha. I don’t know of a “purge” option for tags like that off-hand, as I’m still a n00b myself, but I’ll do some digging. If it’s not possible and hasn’t already been requested, I’ll get it over to the Features & Feedback Folks®.