License Tracking

As we continue to expand our environment and look to put automation in place to allow customers to deploy Automox to their systems without going through us, we need to be aware of any licensing impacts.

I’m wondering how is the community is tracking licensing compliance? Do you have a method of notifying you when device counts are close to your purchased licenses threshold?

I asked one of our account managers if there’s an easy way to do this and she told me that she’s seen MSPs use the API to report on the license count across all of their clients. I’m guessing what they’re doing is using this call for each org and putting that into a report:

That’s the route we’ve been looking at initially as well. Probably going to try to have some kind of daily job with a hard-coded variable of our limit that cycles through all of our Orgs, and then kicks out a notification if the count gets within ~5% of that number.

I’ll check and see if any of the folks I mentioned would be willing to share their code/setup and hopefully we can save you a bit of coding work.

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That’d be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

We utilize the API extensively and also use a tool called Parabola ( is the website) to manipulate this data in to reports, as well as to feed agent counts in to ConnectWise each month for billing. Parabola is free until you get to a certain amount of data processed, so it might be worth setting up an account and playing around with it. A very non-scary introduction to working with APIs.

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That tool looks pretty neat - similar to Zapier but with some additional concepts and tools thrown in.