Knowbe4 Phish Alert Button(PAB) installation

I have this KB article: Outlook (Client-based) Phish Alert Button Product Manual – Knowledge Base

Can anyone help me to create the worklet for Win10 device?

I was able to achieve this by creating a required software policy instead of a worklet. Required software policy will auto scan the devices and if the software isn’t found, it will install. It will customize the install script once you upload the installer file. It should spit back something like this

exit (Start-Process -FilePath ‘msiexec.exe’ -ArgumentList (’/qn’, ‘/i’, ‘“PhishAlert.msi”’) -Wait -Passthru).ExitCode

Alternatively, you can use a required software policy and use the same command line option referenced in the doc you mentioned

Hi Kyle, Thank you the only issue is the PowerShell. It was failed!