KB4524244 pulled due to issues

Reddit thread on the issue https://reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/f4agci/windows_server_2019_asking_for_bitlocker_recovery/

I had one reported blue screen yesterday, so I pulled the patch. However, that meant editing eight patch policies. Maybe I have overlooked this feature, but it would be useful if you could exclude a bad KB from all policies globally.

I might just cut down the number of patch policies I have …

That is a good feature idea. Let me pass it over to our product managers. We’re also hoping to have an automated system in the future, that will rate patches and allow you to exclude based on the rating. Since we have all this data on patch success or failure, we might as well make it useful for everyone.

Also you can go to the software page and ignore a patch and that will exclude it from all policies, if you’re on the Manage plan. Would that give you what you’re needing?

Yes, that would work for me. What I had in mind was something that was done last year - a banner on the overview page advising that something urgent needs attending to.

I had an office out due to an unresponsive Server 2016 and a pc that didn’t respond to a USB keyboard yesterday afternoon. Last night I had to reboot Server 2012 instances twice or three times before I could type in to the username field. Interestingly, you could type in the password field.

That’s something we definitely do if there’s a wonky patch that hasn’t been pulled yet. Usually MS is fast enough that they pull the patch before we need to do something like that.