Just Released - Global Scheduling (UTC Support)

Today we released a feature that will allow for configuration of a UTC time for policy execution. We will continue to support local device time as well.

Essentially, we can now grant users that choice. You’ll be able to patch off hours in a local user’s time zone. Or, you’ll be able to pick a precise start time for patching, regardless of time zone.

Companies are more distributed than ever, and we’re giving you a powerful choice in policy scheduling.

As always, we would appreciate your comments and feedback.


Nice update, we are loving the current local time of device approach, but there could be situations where a static one could be preferred.

Fantastic! This will significantly improve our ability to effectively patch systems across different locations in our current process.

We posted a short video of how to use the new Global Scheduling capability. Take a look and please share with your colleagues. How to Use Global Scheduling.