June 18th: Automox Office Hours Q&A with Pizza!

Sign up for the webinar here:

Make sure to fill in the Ask a Question field. That gives us a chance to see your question in advance and research answers for you.

Sign up for some pizza to be delivered to your house. That way you can nosh while you learn:


Hope you deliver to Spain :slight_smile:


That’s a good question @amj - did you sign up for the pizzatime link? I would imaging they’d let you know after you sign up whether they can fulfill your order or not.

Yes, I sign up through that link…!

I guess we’ll find out in a little bit when your pizza arrives, hopefully!

Thanks for attending everyone and bringing your questions! We’ll most likely do these webinars on a monthly cadence as long as there is continued interest.

Here’s the recording for anyone that couldn’t make it:

Also the 2004 upgrade worklet is now live, for those who were asking about it in the webinar:

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