January Worklet Swag Refresh and Worklet Highlight!

Brittany here again for another Worklet update! It’s mid-month, which means we are refreshing our swag item. For submitting a Worklet to the Automox Alive community, we’ll send you our exclusive Automox Yeti mug. There are three colors available (Black, Navy, and Seafoam Green) so you have plenty of opportunities to restock your mug collection -


And if you post any additional Worklets in the community and have too many mugs to handle, we can send you an equivalent piece of swag in its place!

Last, here’s our monthly Worklet highlight to help you patch Office for Mac - Office for Mac Update Package

Thanks for all of the Worklets so far - keep them coming!

EDIT: Edited to include the Yeti mug as the monthly swag item instead of the t-shirt.