It's National Lager Day

Automox is in the heart of beer country in Boulder - what’s your favorite brew? Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout for me!

Purely for the pun factor in the US :slight_smile:

As to beers I can actually drink, as someone with Celiac, this one is probably the least offensive:

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My favorite Jaeger:

Oh wait…

Wow, the milk stout is a lager? Why didn’t I know that? That’s high on my list for sure. Kinda feel like I should give a shoutout to Wibby. All they do are lagers. The Lightshine is one of my favorite summer beers.

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I don’t think it is - I just ignored the rules and generalized “beer”

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@gavin not much of a rules guy, are you? :smiley:


Yeah, no info about yeast or temperature at which it ferments:


For those of you, like me, who are hazy on the difference between lagers and ales, here’s a primer:

TL;DR - they use different strains of yeast that ferment at different temperatures. Lager is the colder one of the two.


I’m gonna ignore the rules also and say my favorite right now is the Chai Milk Stout Nitro from Left Hand. Sooooo tasty.

If I have to follow the rules, I guess the Upslope Craft Lager. Nothing special but it’s my favorite default beer when I’m in a rush.