It's gonna be a big Patch Tuesday

Speculation is that it will be an update to crypt32.dll, the module that handles all certificate and cryptographic functions.

Make sure to get all the news and analysis here:

And here’s the full story:

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I can’t wait to hear about all the exploits in Windows 7 starting tomorrow.

Ironically, since the cryptographic update is for Windows 10 only, for today Windows 7 is the most secure OS in the Windows family.


And here’s the patch index page for today:

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And here’s the ever hilarious analysis from The Register:

Here’s our blog breakdown:

We also got some good press around sharing our analysis and recommendations:

In case you don’t follow Swift on Security, here’s their take on things:

More details on the proof of concept exploit:

And the researchers used the proof of concept to rickroll the NSA:

Looks like the patch is having problems for some people:

Has anyone run into this?