Issue Policy installing Windows 10 21H1

Months ago i deploy a Policy to install the 20H2 Windows version which was working fine, updated like 95% of the registered devices, then like 1 month ago i changed the Policy to install the 21H1 version, but after the change the policy isn´t doing nothing, none machine has been updated to 21H1 version, the policy is running at the same time, same settings, install optional updates, reboot if is required, only install “Feature update to Windows 10, version 21H1”, i try forcing the policy to run in 1 machine, but nothing happend.

I connect with a machine and in the Windows Update panel appear the Feature 21H1 to be installed, but need to be done manually, anybody else with this issue? why the policy isn´t installing the 21H1 automatically as the 20H2?

Anybody with similar issue?

Hey, @Roger_Garcia – I haven’t come across this issue myself, but that’s not saying much (I’m just in my 3rd month at AX, after all). I might want to hit up the Support folks, but any additional info you can give me is helpful. Any screenshots you could post (or PM to me, if that’s better)?

Hi ChadMc, i have an open case with Jason Crabtree about this issue, Thanks.

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