Introducing Worklets!

You may have already seen it, but if not, Automox just introduced Worklets!

Replacing Custom Policies, Worklets allow you to automate and enforce any scriptable action on your devices, no matter their location or OS. More exciting changes are coming this year to Worklets to make them easier to use, share, and add to your environment. Think fun things like sharing Worklets to the Automox community, tons of new pre-packaged Worklets, and reports on Worklet success/failure.

In the meantime, your existing Custom Policies will continue to work as before, and no changes will need to be made. To create a new policy, just select Worklets and your OS. You can learn more about the future of Worklets and see how others are using them on our Worklets page. We also have a section of the community just for sharing and discussing Worklets!

Share which Worklets or Worklet-related features you want to see in Automox, and I’ll bake them into our roadmap.


Does this mean the bug with evaluations for Custom Policies/Worklets is now resolved and we can start implementing? Fantastic.


What bug are you referring to? I can check on the status of it. This release was mostly to update the wording in the console to match the terms we’re using here on the community and elsewhere on our site. But we are planning a bunch of new things for the Worklet functionality so stay tuned for those.


Hey guys,

The bug with evaluations was fixed a while ago. @ScottCooke I apologize that the information didn’t make it your way!


Perfect - thanks Rich!


can I run powershell scripts?

Yes you can! For the Windows worklets you can use powershell or command shell scripts.

Keep in mind it runs 32-bit Powershell, so if you require 64-bit powershell you need to call upon it using your script and pull the results back to the 32-bit instance.

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Good point - we’ve had to do that with some of the worklets we’ve written.