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How to get a silent install package to execute in automox. I’ve tried the following with no success so far.

Looking to install a executable silently.

.\TigerConnect-Setup.exe /S


Start-Process -Wait -FilePath “TigerConnect-Setup.exe” -ArgumentList ‘/S’ -passthru

Hi tools2teach,
Are you using the admin installer? Based on their docs, the admin is the only way you can install this outside of the installer itself. Also, its the one you need to use for passing parms off on a command line.

Going through their docs, the admin installer is also the one you use for multi-user, which would be required for Automox as we install at the SYSTEM level and not user level so it would need to be made available to all users on a device unless you build the script to target a specific user space.

Hope that helps

Using the the admin installer worked. Thank you!

Perfect, happy to have helped :slight_smile: :grinning: