Install MS Teams in MacOS

Hello fellow automox!

Does someone here able to install MS Teams in MacOS environment? Since automox confirmed that they are not able to update the current install, i was trying to just push a new setup and install it. Any help and feedback are appreciate!


Hello Uapilado,
Currently this is not something that can really be easily done through Automox, even with a worklet or required software as teams requires a login to properly install. Because Automox cant really pass that off with our process this makes it difficult to install and update. It is actually why we do not support patching it Im afraid.

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Thanks @BrandonCampbell… I just want to install and then reinstall if needed. Our Mac devices count are getting larger, im thinking of a possible way to work this out. We are mixed environment, so we are relying the best alternative options that dont cost us $$$ just for this project.