Install Microsoft Teams

Install Microsoft Teams Commercial for Windows x64 bit OS

Here is an example of how to use the “MSI Software Installation - 64-Bit OS” Worklet template available in the Automox Console new Community Worklets section.

You will need the Machine-Wide Installer bits. They can be found here:
For this example, I am using the Commercial 64-bit version: 64-bit

From within the Automox Console, navigate to the SYSTEM MGMT node, and select the Community Worklets tab. Click on the “MSI Software Installation - 64-Bit OS” Worklet, and then click “Create Policy”.

In the Evaluation Code block on line 34, fill in the $appName variable. Currently, it is ‘Teams Machine-Wide Installer’

In the Remediation Code block on line 28, fill in the $fileName variable. Currently, it is ‘Teams_windows_x64.msi’.
On line 100 add ‘ALLUSERS=1’ to the ArguementLIst.

NOTE: Do not add the single quotes listed above in either code block if you copy-paste. They are to define the context in this post.

Upload your installer, and optionally define your scheduler and you are good to go.

The installer does suppress a restart. To complete the installation, reboot your machine, and each user will be prompted to complete the MS Teams set up shortly after they log on.

NOTE: Please see the link provided for the installer download for more information and options to customize your installation.