Infrastructure as code for Automox

We’re looking into improving our change management processes and would like to treat our Automox configuration as code so we can use standard Git workflows for change management. We believe this to be a natural extension as worklets are already code and what we most need to control. Have others set up a configuration as code pipeline for Automox? Is there an API to configure worklets I’m missing in the documentation?

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You should be able to at least some of that with the API:

I don’t know if anyone else has already done what you’re asking, so I’m checking with the others here at the office. Hopefully you won’t be the first to go down this path and maybe we can save you some work.

Great, I’ll look into them, thanks. As I understand it Automox doesn’t natively support git at this time (which would be a great feature), so if we need to drive this via the API I’ll probably look into creating a Terraform provider.

Feel free to submit a suggestion for the git integration here:

That way our product folks can document it and start counting votes for it.

If you do get this up and working using Terraform we’d love to see the final project in action!

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