Inconsistent, what am I doing wrong?

New to automox. Need to catch up on getting Windows patches out to machines. So I am writing a guide for what my users can expect.

Part of that is testing it on a VM. But I applied updates 30 minutes ago and should be seeing a notification prompting the user to install updates or delay. Nothing happening.

Using Apply All Patches for Optional and Recommended Updates on a Win10 1909 VM.

Automox just shows it pending. How do I know anything is actually being done?

Did you apply the updates manually? If so, that bypasses the notification process and you have to set a time for the policy to fire and push out the updates automatically. That way you’ll be able to see the end-user experience.

Okay I wondered that. I swear I did this earlier and a notification came up a few minutes after I fired it off? Maybe it was coincidence/timing.

Of course after I post this I see it Installing on the device status. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try a scheduled one next and see what it does. I just want to make sure I can communicate exactly what my users can expect to see on their end.

Scheduled should give you what you want, and it will let you specify to the hour so you can plan when you need to look at the VM. One thing to note is that the notifications stay up for only 15 minutes before assuming the default reply, so don’t wait too long after the scheduled time to check the VM. Let me know if that does the trick!

That’s much better.

Now to figure out the best way to get users updated without making them complain about it too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear it, and isn’t that always the struggle?

One quick question: do you have any Macs that you are updating or is it all Windows machines?

i’m willing to share my message to users to get you started. seems i’m not able to upload a word doc. email me if interested.

You should be able to upload a PDF if you convert it. DM me if you’re having problems with uploads and I can help you out.

Thought about that but I wanted to give it to him in editable format. I’ll post a pdf so he can have a better idea if he wants it. He can also pull from it if necessary. Thank you!


Here’ s a PDF.
message.pdf (303.4 KB)

Perfect thanks! We restrict risky uploads like Word docs, since they can contain macros. If that looks like something that @SteveLord is interested in an editable version of then he can reach out since you provided your email.

Please also note that schedule may not fire immediately. It depends on the scanning frequency of the group that the host is in. The default scanning frequency of a group when you create it is 24 hours. Look at under the parameter “Scan Interval”

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