How's everyone doing today?

With our lives having been upended by the pandemic, most all of us are struggling to adjust to the new reality. I’ve been going through a lot of soul searching myself, to try and get back to a positive mindset, and it’s taken me a few weeks to make any progress.

How about you guys and gals? How are you dealing with the fallout and getting back on track? Anything in particular that you’re struggling with that we might be able to help with?

I’m surviving. Staying from people. Been making tea and burning incense. Zeus got a bath today. He was so very happy to get to play in the hose.

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Dogs are nature’s anti-depressant!

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He was not happy I would not let him in the house.


For me its staying accountable to continued progress. I find Automox has created a means to implement what I think of as a “desired state” for patches and configuration changes through worklets. Just scratching the surface myself, but a positive impact on me and the team I work with.

Love the newer Devices Page updates and ability to search. But you know what, it makes a person want more :slight_smile: For me, being able to show info-graphics based on compliance of specific policies implemented would make the work more visible for my leaders. They are not cool like us and can delve into a 60+ page compliance report with confidence saying, yup. I know what I need to be successful. They want pretty pie charts. Now I should likely head on over to the road map and find something in that world and vote it up…


Thanks for the kind words! This is probably the feature request you want to vote for:

The good news is that it’s already in the planned section, which means we’re intending to work on it (some of the backend work to support better reporting is already underway).

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Happy Friday, everyone!

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Happy Friday to you!

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I’m glad it’s Friday as well!