How was your weekend?

Welcome back to the work week! As we wind down this Monday, I wanted to check in and see how y’all are doing. How was the weekend? Did you have any plans or did you finally get to relax?

Personally, I threw a little surprise party for my fiancé this weekend for his birthday. It was mostly successful with a small hiccup but ended up being a blast regardless.

Had a fairly quiet weekend. Celebrated fathers day with BBQing some ribs and relaxing. I saw only brief glimpses of my kid all day. Overall was pretty nice to relax leading up to a few really busy weeks ahead.

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Glad you got a chance to relax! I haven’t had ribs in quite a while so I’m jealous of that.

Had to work all day Saturday and Sunday was spent getting more of the the house emptied out. Closing date on IL house is July 16th. Moving sale is this coming weekend.

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Oh wow, congratulations! We just moved into our new house and still have some stuff left at the apartment that I’ve been putting off taking care of. I’ve just been focusing on unpacking boxes at the house. Moving is no fun but I hope that it will be over soon enough for you!

Nice! I just accepted a job offer out in Illinois with a move required by Jan 1st. What’s the market like out there? I’m out in Utah so fairly far removed from what the market is like out there. Did you get your first choice or did you have to do a lot of competing with other offers on houses?

Where in Illinois? I was not buying a house here, I was selling.

Crystal Lake, probably very different selling than buying.

Crystal Lake is not far from me at all. The market out here is crazy. Are you looking at buying or renting?

Hoping to buy so that I don’t have to keep moving my kid from school to school.

Do you have an agent? I would start working with one now. It seems there are more buyers than available properties. If you don’t have one, I can recommend one.

I do not have an agent yet. I’m open to recommendations especially if its better to start early. I was planning on making a few trips out there between now and January to try and look at houses and find an agent. So that could work. I’d appreciate it.

His Name is Joe Prindle HomeSmart Connect 224-440-2100 Tell him Denise Grandon referred you. He was fantastic to work with. He has no problem with doing things electronically. He did that with my husband in Arizona.

Nice, I’ll have to give him a call then and get an idea of time lines. I’ve never had to try and buy something from the other side of the country and the recruiter warned the market is pretty crazy right now.

It is. That’s why I would start now and not later. I just sent him a message letting him know that you will be giving him a call.

Sounds good, thanks. Hopefully between all my meetings ending my week I’ll get a chance to give him a call to get the ball rolling.