How to Setup Flexible Device Targeting

Many Automox customers have asked us for a flexible method to manage and execute policies on a subset of endpoints based on criteria that match their IT operational workflows.

The result? Flexible device targeting, which gives you the ability to perform actions on endpoints based on device and user-defined attributes – without being locked in to rigid dependencies.

What is Flexible Device Targeting?

Flexible Device Targeting allows Automox users to add filters to policies so that the chosen policies will only run on devices that match those device filters. Plus, you can add up to 10 filters per policy to give you an amazing degree of precision to manage your endpoints.

Current device filters include:

  • Hostname
  • Device Tag
  • Operating System
  • OS Version
  • IP Address
  • Active Directory Organizational Unit

Here is how to access Flexible Device Targeting.

  1. Access “Manage” from the top menu and then go to “Policies.”

  2. Click on “Create Policy” on the upper right -

  3. Choose your policy type such as “Patch All” and click “Next” on the lower right -

  4. Enter a required Policy Name, associate a Group, and then click on the slider to the far right of “Device Targeting” -

  5. Choose your filter attribute, condition, and option.

  6. Add up to a total of 10 filters for more precision, such as this example to filter by Hostname containing the characters “win” and a Microsoft Windows 7 operating system -

  7. Click on “Preview Impacted Devices” to test the filters, and then schedule your policy and choose notifications before clicking on “Create Policy” on the lower right -

And that is how easy it is to engage Flexible Device Targeting! Please refer to the Automox product documentation for more information.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Flexible Device Targeting:

  • Update all Windows 10 endpoints in a particular subnet
  • Run an Automox Worklet™ against Linux hosts with a hostname including “db”
  • Install temporary software for a project on all macOS and Windows endpoints with a Device Tag of “SpecialProject”

Please share with the Automox Alive Community how you have used Flexible Device Targeting! We would love to hear how you are using this capability!