How is transitioning your userbase to work from home going?

Fortunately it’s been fairly smooth for us, thanks to the great work of our sysadmin @Mark-AX. He made sure that we had everything we needed with our VPN setups, and Zoom licenses. Thankfully we were all already on laptops, so we didn’t have to order a bunch of new hardware.

How’s the process going for everyone? What’s the biggest struggle? VPN licensing? Finding laptop hardware? Training your users?


We were already setup to mostly work from home and 90% the people don’t need to utilize the VPN for most of their work. So for us, it has been pretty smooth.

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That’s good. I’ve been reading nightmare stories on Spiceworks and about people having to take 1000 calls a day to help new wfh people figure out the VPN setup. And that’s after they sent out instructions to everyone.