How crazy would you go with your hobby if you had unlimited funds?

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and it made me think about what I’d do if I had the wealth of Rod Stewart to dedicate to my hobby. I’d probably construct the world’s greatest VR setup, to rival the Holodeck.

How about you - what would your favorite hobby look like if you had infinite funds?

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Well, I had the benefit of actually being able to do this to some extent. Working for a large chip manufacturer allowed me to build a stupid computer with no purpose. For anyone growing up in the late 90s when you could hop on Gateway’s website and spec out the most extreme PC imaginable, this is for you:

The build started when I found out I could buy any chip I wanted for $50/chip. Naturally, I opted for a dual socket Xeon E5-2699v4. I paired that with 128gb ECC memory on a Asus Z10PE-D8 WS board, allowing me to actually overclock the Xeon chips. I purchased 6 or so Xeon chips and started putting them in and out identifying which were the best of the “silicon lottery” for a WR attempt. I was not super fortunate on that end and was only able to place 3rd in the world (at the time) for Cinebench R15 testing. Over the next four years, that placement has slipped to 79th overall and 5th for that chipset. Still respectable given the rig is now a couple generations old.

After the testing, I decided to attempt to just flat out make it the most powerful PC I could. The current specs on the box:

2 x E5 2699v4
128gb ECC memory
20tb platter drives
4tb SSD drives
480gb x 4 NVME drives in Raid0 for caching incoming data (strong evidence of a data hoarding past)

Overall, it was a fun time building the thing out, but it serves no real purpose anymore in the house aside from being probably the single most baller PiHole host on the planet currently. I can DNS for dayz.

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We need to pair you up with @TheConsigliere to work on his bitcoin mining rig here in the office!

You mean space heater?

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I will not be global warming shamed by my personally protected choices in computation.


We just need to put some solar panels on the roof :slight_smile:

@jay.goodman, PiHole > bitcoin. It serves a purpose at least. :slight_smile:

Yeah… about that. I had a company come out to give us a solar quote and they determined that even with the maximum panels, I would only cover around a third of my energy needs. Too many computers, multiple EVs and kids that leave the lights on all day drive that usage up. I blame the kids primarily.

If I had unlimited funds, I’d open a gaming store where I could hang out and paint miniatures.
Here are a couple of mine.


Those are awesome! I’d visit your store to buy miniatures @nate.

Pretty cool, @nate - I’d definitely open a specialized record store/cafe with unlimited funds.

I see Jools Holland also has one. Cool article–thanks for the share @Nic