How big is your deployment of Automox? We are 3000 devices

Hi there,
curious to see how big your deployment of Automox is out there. We have 3000 devices around the world. We are currently only deployed to our pilot group, however.



Deployment started less then a month ago.
145 Devices
6 Groups
10 Policies - 5 Patch, 3 Worklets, 2 Required Software


Not to derail the convo, but how is your rollout with the pilot group going @scriptpirate?

Having some hurdles, unexpected notifications on some systems and found out that there are some step revisions required for things like Chrome… Upgrade to version 1, then 2, then 3 instead of upgrade from version 1 to version 3 for example.

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Agreed that’s a tough one to handle, since every different software package handles things differently, and has their own requirements. I’ll bring this up to the team that works on 3rd party to see if there’s anything we can do about the Chrome example you brought up. Feel free to ping me with any feedback you have as you onboard as that’s hugely valuable data for us to make things better.

Also if you can tell me more about the unexpected notifications that would be great as we’re working on improving the reboot notifications at the moment.

Are the bulk of your machines Windows or MacOS?

We are 70/30 split with Mac dominant.

3000 devices, nice!