How are you tackling Thanksgiving this year?

Thanksgiving is an interesting one this year, to say the least. With people adjusting their normal Thanksgiving plans and downsizing their groups, this year’s holiday is quite different from most. Luckily, our immediate family is in town - so we’ll be spending Wednesday with my fiancé’s parents and Thanksgiving Day with mine, with as many masks and as much social distancing as possible. I might even pop over to my grandparents and yell to them at the end of their driveway!

Even though the holiday experience will be different this year, it will still be nice to take time off, bake some desserts, and eat a lot of delicious food. How are y’all spending Thanksgiving?


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I’m staying at home and doing nothing, even though my mom lives nearby. Just not worth the risk of exposing her since she’s getting up in age. I’ve always hated traveling for the holidays, so avoiding it for safety is fine by me! We’ll probably do a family group zoom call to say hi.