How are you guys doing your tags / groups in Automox?

My initial instinct was to set my groups as my locations and use tags for departments. Just curious how everybody else was handling it…

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Do you consider tags for groups or for individual devices?

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Honestly… I don’t know at this point. I just jumped right in with Groups and set my sites up then noticed tags…

Groups = Machine Type

  • Production Computers
  • Laptops
  • Production Servers
  • Office Computers
  • Standard Servers

Tags = Location


In case you hadn’t seen this, you can set the group at install time using the --setgrp flag:

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@bfrey, thanks for the info!

  • How many devices do you manage?

  • How do you know which devices are laptops vs office computers?

I’m not him but if he’s anything like me… his naming scheme gives that away. Ours is AAA-BB0001 where AAA is a location code and BB is either LP, DS, or VM for Laptop, Desktop, and Virtual Machine - respectively.

Hi @Greg.

Currently, I am managing 172 devices in Automox. Are there any plans to streamline removing devices that haven’t been logged into for a set time period? This would resolve the confusion surrounding the “disconnected” device status.

To @dimforest, our naming schemes make knowing what a device type is at first glance very simple.


We are looking at having the ability to report that information in the Devices page next year. If that was possible then you could remove those devices using the bulk edit functionality.

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Awesome to hear, thanks for the heads up!

I would also like to see this feature if possible!

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We use tags for location, then by group such as Servers then within that group we sub divide into the types of servers (DCs, Monitoring, Core etc), then split those that are secondaries to another into another group so both don’t patch at the same time so there’s no downtime.

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