Holiday party?

What are your company’s plans for your holiday party? Here at Automox we’re going to Under the Sun and playing board and card games.


Hopefully not much. We always do a family Christmas dealio at the inlaws but otherwise it’s pretty low key.

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Same here :slight_smile: Under the Sun looks amazing though! Wish we had one close to us!

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Since I’m so far removed from my colleagues, there’s no Christmas party for me. I’m sure they will still have the usual annual Christmas lunch.

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The library took away food at our In-Service meetings. They said the cost was too much, but decided to do an after hours party with wine and finger foods this upcoming Friday evening. Most of the staff is not going. I will not be there since I will be out celebrating my birthday. I have theater tickets.

Happy Birthday - hope the theater is a great time!

Some elves came in over the weekend and decorated our office:

That looks really nice.