Holiday contest: show off your decorations and win an animatronic baby yoda

Let’s have some fun before the end of the year. Post a photo in this topic of your holiday decorations (can be home, office, or random vandalism; Xmas, Kwanza, Hannukah, Festivus, etc.) in this topic to be entered. Prize will be an animatronic baby Yoda (or equivalent gift card if somehow you are the one person on the planet not enthralled by The Mandalorian):

Judging of the best photo will be done by me, your benevolent overlord. Terms & Conditions: please don’t sue us.

This is the way.

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Where did you get that snowflake projector, that’s awesome!

Lowe’s, a while back. But they sell them all over the place now.

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My son unfortunately ran over the snowman projector last week, but he used to dance, and the snowflakes on the driveway swirl around, as do the colored lights projected on the front window there.

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Last time decorating at this house!


I was told by @Nic that these photos were Kosher. As a hybrid, I celebrate both Hannukah & Christmas, coming from a multi-cultural family!


Any last minute entries? I’ll be declaring the winners this week!

XMas 2020 and New Year 2021!

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Xmas Village & House.

Ok time to declare a winner:

The prize goes to @tchestna for the Xmas village decoration - congratulations!

If you want to DM me your shipping address I’ll get baby Yoda delivered to you by the Mandalorian. It might take 16 episodes to get to you, but it will be very entertaining :slight_smile: