HiveNightmare zero-day worklet

Has anyone created a worklet to mitigate the HiveNightmare zero-day? I tried to create one but it didn’t work.

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Hey, Mike - first, welcome to the community! I haven’t specifically seen that one addressed yet, but let me see what I can find out today.

Thank you. That would be great.

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Hi Mike! We are working on one!

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That is great. Can’t wait to implement it.

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Here you go! Hot off the press! This worklet will show up in your Community Worklets tab of the Automox console if you are an existing customer :slight_smile:

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How long does it take before it appears in the community worklets? I checked my console and I am unable to locate the worklet.








Hi Mike! It should be there now. It is listed as Mitigation for SeriousSAM/HiveNightmare LPE CVE under Community Worklets for me. Do you see it?

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I do now. It took a little while to appear. Thank you so much for creating this!!

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