H*CK YES FOR OCTOBER! What's your favorite scary thing??

Hi, everybody - Chad here. In case you don’t read these topics, it’s officially October so we can talk all things “horror” w/o being judged and side-eyed by our coworkers! We’ve had a pretty robust discussion this week in the AX Slack “horror_movies” channel. It predictably got started with the question I pose to you now: What’s your favorite horror film/show/game/memory?

As an officially-bona-fide amateur-film-person and all-around horror buff, I’ll start us off with some guidelines:

  • We don’t believe in “guilty pleasures” here - just like what you like and don’t be shy about it, please & thank you.
  • There are no wrong answers - these are opinions, folks. However…
  • …if you come through with some nonsense, please expect to get PG-13 roasted. I’ll go first. :slight_smile:

So one of the main reasons I’m so in to horror films (and composing music for them!) is my earliest movie memory. The very first film I can remember seeing is one that my 20-something dad definitely shouldn’t have let me see, but I’m glad he did:


Not only is John Carpenter one of my absolute favorite filmmakers, he’s also one of my favorite composers. We can talk about the genius of Big Trouble in Little China in a separate thread. But if you haven’t seen it or it’s been a while or you just saw the 2nd remake, Carpenter’s The Thing (which is the first remake) really holds up, maybe even more-so nowadays, with us all relating a bit more to that feeling of isolation. Give it a shot this month. Ahh cr*p, I just pictured that spider-head!

So…what’s your favorite scary thing??


We went to see Beetlejuice at the drive-in this weekend, that’s near the top of my list!


John Carpenter’s The Thing holds up SO well due to its glorious practical effects and storytelling. Love love love it! Still makes me jump to this day.

The first horror movie I ever experienced was accidentally seeing some of Child’s Play as a 5 year old. Just changing channels when my parents were out, and I must have hit HBO and saw a doll walking around and killing people. I was of course scared of it and shut it off…to promptly get a My Buddy doll for Christmas.

This is the look of a forced smile on a secretly horrified kiddo:


@D-D-D-D-DropTheTable HAHAHA…ok that’s a good one. :metal:

The Thing is so good, and still one of my favorite scary movies after all these years. Alien still tops the list for me, though.

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OMZJ, Alien…1) Isolation 2) Body horror 3) Jump scares 4) Badass Lady 5) Dialogue by Dan O’Bannon…that one’s got everything! Such a great movie/h*ck yeah, Bauer!

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