Friday Fun Facts by Chad

Hi, everybody - Chad here! Hey, it’s finally Friday! I’ve been OOO a bit this week because my sister got married on a Tuesday night, at a bar here in Colorado, and I officiated. Needless to say, this last week has been quite a month. So for today’s Fun Fact®, I had to head over to Snopes cuz I myself was calling bullk*ck on this one. But, apparently, the facts of this week’s fact are a matter of record, as a matter of fact. Huh? I think I just blacked out for a second…

Fun Fact: Abraham Lincoln was a “champion” wrestler in his time. The story goes that our sixteenth president and the Great Emancipator Abeself was induced into the “National Wrestling Hall of Fame”. I called immediate bullh*ck on this part because as an Oklahoman, I’m fairly familiar with the NWHoF, as it’s located in Stillwater, OK - home of OK State University, Eskimo Joe’s, and more Red Dirt show after-parties than I can recall (or would want to). So while Lincoln was apparently known far and wide as the toughest-man around, there was no real “championship” to be had, and he’s not in the hall of fame. Still…dude was like 6’4" before he put on his 3ft-tall hat, so I’m a believer. Hard pass on wrestling Abraham Lincoln, y’all.

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