Friday Fun Facts by Chad

Hi, everybody - Chad here. Happy dang Friday! I’m back with another Fun Facts®, though I’m not sure how fun they are - after last week’s post, someone emailed me a brick with a threatening note on it! Oh well - at least people are talking, right? Here’s today’s facts’s’s:

  • Today is International Lefthanders Day! Personally, I can’t relate, as I’m a right-handed/right-footed normie. And as a playmaking right winger, I even chose to play hockey right-handed, because we all know that this is what being left-handed gets you:

Every time.

  • Tough day to be left-handed (just like all the other days, boom!), as today is also Friday the 13. Nobody even seems to know why Friday the 13th is something that people fear, but it sure has spawned some amazing moments in in our collective history.

  • Some birds can sleep while flying. With just one half of their brain. And one eye open, connected to the awake half. This, obviously, makes me sound like I’m setting up a terrible improv bit, but no - it’s true. It was written about in, and as complicated as those drawings are, they have to be accurate!

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Today has definitely been a weird Friday the 13th for me! I just wish I could get one of those cool Friday the 13th tattoos that are all around town.

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