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Happy Friday, y’all! As I’m getting more involved with the Community, I’ll start posting some regular threads for us to just chat, take a break, get to know each other, etc. So in that vein, this will be my first “Friday Fun Facts” post, just to share some weird facts and non-terrifying stories/news. Enjoy, and feel free to add your own Fun Facts® in the comments!

Today’s Friday Fun Fact: Surgeons who grew up playing video games more than three hours per week make 37% fewer errors and have a 42% faster completion rate when performing laparoscopic surgery and suturing.

Whether it’s true or not, let’s all just agree to agree with this. I’m about 30hrs into Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, so by now I’m almost ready for that “performing an emergency sidewalk tracheotomy” situation that everyone has nightmares about…maybe that’s just me. #TGIF

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Well, time for me to change my career path to surgery…

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Would like to see the number of hours it took to see a negative impact on performance.

Beginning to tackle my own video game addiction (any other Poke Go players out there?) and just came across a book ( Hooked on Games ( Dr. Andrew Doan recounts how 80-100 hours a week over a decade (through medical school and while practicing as a surgeon) nearly destroyed what he truly valued including his ability to physically perform his duties as a surgeon.

Everything in moderation! :smiley:

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