Force update MacOS version

Hi all

I looking for Worklet that help me to force update to the latest version.
Apple release a lot of updates and users not turn off Mac.
I need Worklet that help me to update to 11.5.2

Someone here tried to do something like that?

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Hi, @Eviatar_adm_eviatar – I don’t know of one off the top of my head, but let me do some digging. Keep in mind, for this to work, your Macs will all need to be compatible with Big Sur (“Mid 2013” is the oldest Mac architecture that will work with it).

Hi @ChadMc


The organization I working for use only new Macs with Intel and M1 CPU.
I follow all the configuration Automox (What are macOS Background Updates? | Automox Knowledge Base) I select Disable OS Automatic Updates

But still noting happen I just want to update everyone I have 100 users with MAC that I need to update its difficult to do it one by one

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Ah, gotcha - thanks for the details. We’re working on M1 support currently, but until then the AX agent won’t be compatible with those M1 devices. Coming soon! Do you have a way to test that policy on just an Intel device (or two)?

Yes, We have Intel and M1 and that policy not working I tested a lot of times.