For those of you having reboot issues - is the Predictable Reboot Notifications Worklet helping?

For those of you who are using this Worklet:

Is it working well for you as a workaround for reboot notification issues? We’re trying to determine how well this is working for people so that we can prioritize a complete fix for the problem.

I have a question. It says for this to work I have to disable the Notifications settings in a Policy. If I set this to “Do Not Notify Users”, how will the user then know when patching is about to start (with an option to defer it)? Patching can cause an endpoint to slow down, and I would like the user to be notified about this.

The scenario I would like to achieve is:

  1. Notify user that patching is about to start and provide options to defer this.
  2. Once patching has completed, notify the user about pending reboots with options to defer this.
  3. Once deferred options are used up, the computer will be forcefully rebooted.

If automox is used to install a patch that requires a reboot, does this trigger Windows 10’s built-in automatic reboot notification (the one built into the OS by Microsoft)?

No, we suppress that and send our own notifications. Right now we do send a notification before reboot of our own, but it doesn’t yet have any deferral options on the reboot, like it does for the patch. We’re working on that for the next phase of improvements, so that the reboot itself can be deferred just like the patch installations.

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Alright. I was actually thinking of using what Microsoft has built because it has quite a complete list of capabilities that I can control using registry entries. I don’t suppose there is a way to unsuppress the reboot notification?

Not that I know of. One thing I did write from a worklet standpoint is this one:

that pops up a message and then doesn’t reboot until the user dismisses it.

Hopefully the second phase of the reboot notification project will give you more flexibility and customization once it launches.

For the next version of Automox, can you please include the following for reboot notifications:

  1. IdleTime detection. Allow Automox admins to determine a xxx mins of idle time to trigger the reboot. This trigger only happens if it is within the time window specified in #2 below.
  2. RebootTimeWindowStart and RebootTimeWindowEnd. These define the start and end times of when automatic reboot can be executed. For example, start time is 1am, and end time is 5am. Automatic reboot will only kick in between these times.
  3. Periodic reminder. Outside of any time between RebootTimeWindowStart and RebootTimeWindowEnd, Automox agent will pop up a reminder notification to users that a pending reboot will occur between RebootTimeWindowStart and RebootTimeWindowEnd today. The pop up reminder can be configured with a frequency (i.e. every hour, every 2 hours, etc). The pop up reminder has a two buttons at the bottom that are: Reboot Now, and Dismiss.

I can implement all of that with worklets and powershell that installs scheduled tasks, using toast notifications, and custom protocol handlers (for the reboot action), but I’d much rather have this built in to Automox than cobbling a solution that I have to maintain separately.


Thanks that’s good info. I’ve passed that along to the product managers.

I finally wrote my own Powershell to take care of the above. Needed the feature now. :slight_smile:

I didn’t implement a custom protocol handler because I didn’t think it was necessary in my situation (plus, i’m worried it might be a security risk).

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Glad you were able to get your own script written for this one. Is that something you could share on the community for others?

Absolutely. Can I send it to you privately? There’s some company specific stuff that needs to be cleaned up.

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Sure, no problem. You can message me directly through the community. Thanks for being willing to share it!