FOR HIRE :: Freelance worklets writer

does anyone know where i can hire/outsource worklet writing? i am consulting a small company with an even smaller it dept. automox seems like a great fit for them. if i could further leverage worklets, this might be a win/win.

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For starters, you could check out some of the authors in the Worklet category, such as @owl-IT - they might be up for some freelance work on the side.

Probably any coder marketplace could help as well, since you’d be looking for Powershell coders (for Windows) or Bash (for macOS & Linux). There’s not much info you need to know to get up to speed on writing for Worklets - mainly that everything run through a Worklet runs as System.


We recently completed a project with Simplicity IT who has scripted multiple policies for us ranging from custom specific scripts to standard software worklets and have been very satisfied with the results of each created policy.

Please feel free to contact them at INFO@SIMPLICITYITINC.COM


Thanks for the recommendation @alexandros.pontidis!

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