Favorite resources for learning scripting & programming?

What are your favorite books, website and tutorials for learning how to write scripts? I’m always a big fan of the O’Reilly books:

Post links to your favorites!


My favorite book when writing scripts is Google


And here too, right? :slight_smile: https://stackoverflow.com/

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This one is pretty good. Wait till it’s on sale though (~$10): https://www.udemy.com/learning-windows-powershell/


There are a billion resources for this kind of stuff out there nowadays, which is rad. Pluralsight does a good job with PowerShell. Youtube has a ton of great free videos and recorded webinars. Microsoft, Stackoverflow, Spiceworks, etc all have good script centers where you can see other people’s work and play around with them.

And yea, Google.


Some Free good PowerShell resources:

  • Windows PowerShell Survival Guide: This is perhaps the mother lode of resources – Microsoft’s list of lists for PowerShell.
  • Scripting with Windows PowerShell: Fully updated for PowerShell 6, this TechNet site provides a user guide, numerous help topics, cmdlet references and lots of sample scripts.
  • PowerShell Documentation: This site is mainly a graphical front end for the preceding site, but clicking the Community link gives you a launchpad to all kinds of PowerShell resources, including a few covered in this article. Be sure to check out the r/PowerShell community on Reddit, where users are eager to answer questions and help resolve nearly any type of PowerShell challenge.

Varonis ( you can use this course for CPE credits) : https://www.varonis.com/blog/windows-powershell-tutorials/

Don Jones’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/powershelldon


For people just learning to program Ruby, I found this a nice introduction. https://pine.fm/LearnToProgram/


Just stumbled across this cool book:

It’s pay what you want (with a minimum price of $59.99).

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Pay what you want… $60 and up?! wtf!

Well you can pay more if you want, and you can control how much of the extra goes to the authors versus the organization that publishes it. But yeah, the minimum is still pretty high :slight_smile:

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Looking at the page, it is a very elaborate way to say “5 bucks off”