Error installing patch

This might be a dumb question BUT. We have notifications turned on for failed patches, so assume the patch has failed and checking the latest Activity log for the device confirms the patch has failed. However, when checking device status it is stating device is compliant and upto date.

Which one is correct? Device Status and if so why wouldn’t a more recent entry exist in the Activity log. If it is the other way around and Activity log is the latest and correct then shouldn’t Device Status show Needing Attention?


My understanding is that we try 4 times to patch a device. Unfortunately the notifications (and the activity log entry) will go out for all of those attempts, which can be confusing. So the first attempt could have failed, then triggered a notification, and the second attempt succeeded. Not sure why the successful patch attempt is not showing in the activity log though. Is there a more recent entry for that device, or is that the latest one?

Thanks for quick response Nic. Checked the logs and device as a couple of hours since I wrote the post, just recently clicked submit to post on the forum but despite the extra couple of hours still showing the same thing and no further activity for the device successful or failure in the log. Last entry still showing Error.

I would trust the device page over the activity log. I’d suggest contacting support and they can dig in on the back end and track down exactly what happened when. Sorry to not have a better answer!

Will do, thanks Nic.

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Fro anyone else coming across this, look to Device Status for latest on whether your device patched/needs attention or not. Some changes to the Activity Log to be made at some point to report status of the device.

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