Enhanced worklet ideas! Tell us yours!

What would improve your experience with worklets in Automox?
It can be worklets you’d like created, ways of making them easier to work with, how you view the results in the console or …??

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I’d love to see enhanced logging/reporting around worklets. Things like what user executed it, if it was successful, etc. Also, some timestamp of when a worklet was last updated to know if any changes have been made recently.

I’ve seen some inconsistencies even in the execution of a worklet not appearing in the activity log as well.

Being that a worklet is essentially an administrator-ran executable against a device, it’s imperative for us to have good information around who is doing what and if it executed as expected as our user & device counts continue to increase. Increased visibility will help bolster our (and our customer’s) confidence which will hopefully allow us to limit any restrictions on customer’s usage of the platform and create more value!

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We do have plans around both of those requests. One workaround in the meantime is that you can use stderr in your code to output any messages or error handling to the activity log report. For the change control on the worklet that isn’t something we have a good workaround for unfortunately, but we know that’s something important for us to build to mature the feature.