Enforce Scheduled Reboot on Machines

I’m new to AutoMox and would like to know how to create a worklet that I can assign to a group of machines and schedule them to reboot on a monthly basis.

Is this possible and how would I go about creating this worklet.

Yep we have worklets for those situations. Do you need to notify users before the reboots, or are these just servers that you’re rebooting?

If the former then you could use these worklets:

If the latter then you can just make a worklet with evaluation code Exit 1, and put the reboot command from the above worklets in the remediation code section. Then it will reboot on whatever schedule you put on the worklet.

Hi Nic,

Thanks for replying to me. We have serval machine at are retail locations that we would like to reboot on a regular schedule (monthly). It might be nice to prompt before the reboot.





Sounds good - then the above worklets should do what you are needing then!