Duplicate Hosts

I recently noticed that I had over 200 + devices in my default group and now there are duplicate devices in all my groups. Has anyone else experienced this behavior in the past hour?

Hi Srheins,
This is not normal behavior and might likely be because of another issue. Can you open up a ticket with support@automox.com please about this?

I have opened a ticket with support.

Funny you should mention. We had 1 duplicate device show up yesterday at 1:10 PM EST. But only 1 out of 227 devices, so was going monitor to see if more show up.

I also noticed something strange last night…around 6/6:30pm (GMT) I got alerted to 2 new hosts being added to Automox. When I check this morning the alert IPs were actually for existing hosts…one was a server and one was a MacBook…I have since removed the duplicate record for the server - although there was not a duplicate record for the MacBook ?

I had Automox remove all of the duplicates and now I’m back to normal. I’m not sure why this happened to so many of my hosts, but I’ll keep an eye on things.

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