Don't Forget About Legacy Systems

Good article from Forbes around protecting your legacy systems:

This stat in particular boggled my mind:
In fact, most of the U.S. government’s IT budget is allocated toward protecting its legacy systems.

Did you know that we support patching XP systems? How many of you are still having to run ancient technology in your environments?


We have a handful of 2003 boxes still running due to legacy junk. It’s sucky.

What software or system is requiring those to stay on 2003?

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We have some in-house crap that our Dev team of old chalked up and we continue to use/support. It’s been one of those things that is ALWAYS brought up as needing to be replaced or updated but so far the people who can make that happen have done squat about it.

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Then those devs move on to other jobs and now you’re really stuck with it!

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Yep! And naturally, they were allergic to documentation as well.