Does anyone actually use their swiss army knife toothpick?


Does losing it count as using it?

Use it or lose it

This is a question I didn’t know I needed an answer to.

I can’t quite remember, but I want to say that I used the toothpick as a wee lad just because it was there. Not like as a regular thing, but when I first got the knife, so I could say that I had.

I use Gerbers and they don’t come with toothpicks so I usually just take the file out and file down my teeth so I don’t need to use a toothpick at all.

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That reminds me, the Spiderco knife company is here in Colorado. I took my old knife that I bought from them in the 90s, which had a broken tip. They reground the tip and sharpened it for free, which I guess is their policy for all knives. They were surprised to see someone with one of their knives from so far back. Anyway, their showroom is worth a visit if you’re ever in Golden.

I’m a Leatherman guy, and they have the same policy about sharpening/replacing blades for free. Even on their retired products (last one sent in was 25 years old).

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