Do you want to participate in upcoming user research studies?

Hi community! I’m always building my go-to list of customers (and potential customers) interested in providing input on the user experience of the Automox platform - this could include how you use it today, what’s missing with important data, and how we could improve the tool to make your life easier.

We have various studies you may have the opportunity to participate in, so let me know in this thread or by messaging me directly if you would like to be contacted and what area you are most passionate about speaking to in your industry or inside the Automox platform.


I’m willing! I have 30 plus years in MSP/MSSP, VAR , Datacenter, Cybersecurity product development (hardware and applications), Channel Development, Telecom, Product Marketing , Product launch/GTM and VoIP.


Hi Stan, wonderful, thanks for being the first to volunteer!

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Hi Ariel, I’m a potential customer but I’m definitely interested. I’ve become very familiar with the product during the trial and I’d love to provide feedback in any way I can.

Hi Chris, wonderful! I’ll add you to the list. Also feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any feedback you’d like to share.