Do you guys use Automox for baseline deployment?

Hi Guys,

Was curious how you guys manage your baseline deployments of new devices? We’re currently evaluating cloud based options, but was curious if you guys used AX from the deploy stages. Our existing workflow is to use PDQ to push out a baseline set of apps, then let automox manage them after that.

I also have been building out worklets to do the baseline deploy as well, but haven’t found a good way to ‘kick off’ the series of worklets. AX is included in our golden image and does correctly join our AX organization during imaging. Maybe theres a way to embed a powershell API call to pull down the baseline that way?

I’m always trying to find new ways to make it easier and automated for our onboarding team, and maybe shed PDQ altogether (baseline deployment is basically all we use it for).

Curious to see what your guys thoughts are, and how you do onboarding/baseline deployments.

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I’m curious about this as well.

We’re new to Automox as well.

Would love to hear others thoughts as well.

Without having a single “required software” policy that can have multiple applications in one policy, it seems that “policy creep” would occur for having a different policy for each and every piece of software.

Just my really quick $.02.

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