Did you know that you can search, sort and filter your devices page by a variety of factors?

This KB walks you through the different ways you can slice and dice the data:

The full list of statuses that you can put in are:

  • Device Status: Compliant
  • Device Status: Up-To-Date
  • Device Status: Non-Compliant
  • Device Status: Pending
  • Device Status: Connected
  • Device Status: Disconnected
  • Device Status: Needs Attention
  • Device Status: Exception
  • Patch Status: Missing
  • Package Status: Installed
  • Package Status: Not Installed
  • Recently Added
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

In addition you can filter by any group or policy that you’ve created. Combine multiple factors to narrow down your search to exactly the device or devices you’re looking for.