Device reboot issue

I have several devices that are awaiting reboot after patching. However, I’ve had a few users reboot their device themselves and they still show on my list needing attention.

Just tested this with a user. She would not fall off the list until I initiated a restart from Automox. I also have a vacant desktop that has been “rebooting” all week.


The first part is a known issue that we’re working on. The cause being that once the flag to reboot is set in Automox, we don’t recheck each time when we run the command to see if the machine has been rebooted in the meantime, if they’ve deferred the initial reboot notification.

The second one sounds concerning and I’d suggest emailing to investigate what’s going on in the database. Once Automox has rebooted a device then it should reset the flag on our end and no longer continue to push reboots.

One note here is that Automox would need to re-scan the device to update the status, so if the user restarted it themselves it won’t update that status until it’s due for a scan (based in the interval setting in the group) or you issue a scan from the console. Issuing a restart from Automox would also trigger it, so that makes sense, but you should be able to do it with just a scan.

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